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Hello! I'm Autumn, The Mother Hen. I'm a Mormon mother blending a family of 18 children. I'm a grandmother at age 32. I gave birth to five children in 5 years, lived for seven years with a spouse with an addiction, then went through a heart wrenching divorce, started school to become a midwife, fell in love and married a widower with 10 children who had lost his wife to cancer, and am now due with our 3rd child. Oh yeah, and we home school. I've had a crash course in big life experiences! I'd like to share with you the lessons I have learned along the way. Welcome to my story...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

To Do List

I found another fantastic feature about OneNote! I created a TO DO list under my “Action” tab in my “Daughter of God” binder. Then I click “view”, then “New Docked Window.” This docks my to do list permanently to the side of my computer. So even if I am on the internet, or on a different page in OneNote, or whatever else on my computer—I always see my to do list/ This helps me so I don’t get distracted from what I am supposed to be doing. The to do list in OneNote is highly customizable. You can tag each item “To Do” which creates a little box that you can click on to check it as done. You can also create links within OneNote that bring you right to where you want to go. For example, my daily to do list has in it prayer list, scriptures, attendance sheet, Service, etc. So, I created several links—when I click on prayer list, it brings me to the page in OneNote that has the list of things I wanted to remember to pray about. Then when I click on scripture it brings me to my journaling tab for scriptures—same as for my exercise journal and my service journal. Also, I have created an ATTENDANCE SHEET for myself and my daughter’s homeschooling. You can also create links to websites or other documents in your computer outside of OneNote. I feel like I am in control. I have never accomplished so much on my to do lists before! And since I created my to do lists based on what I want to become—a good wife, a good mother, an obedient daughter of God, a Christ like friend and neighbor--I feel like I am working slowly towards becoming more like my Savior—steady and diligent in the gospel. I leave room at the top of the list to add promptings I receive from the Spirit. These I can highlight in red or any color to catch my attention so I don’t forget. Please don’t feel overwhelmed by this! I never get it all done in a day. And don’t stress when unexpected things come up and throw off the schedule. Interruptions and deviations from our schedules are just as necessary for our progress. It is just nice to have a plan so that we don’t squander away our time on television, internet surfing, or whatever else we tend to waste our time on. This is a wonderful tool that has helped me and I wanted to share.

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